Planned Giving Catalyst


Planned Giving Catalyst

Future gifts are an excellent way for organizations to boost their fundraising results, both short and long-term. The planned giving catalyst will provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently ask for planned gifts. Whether you want to start a planned giving program on a shoestring budget or you need the technical knowledge to engage in discussions with donors, this course has you covered. Packed with practical advice, case studies and worksheets, Planned Giving Catalyst provides everything you need to get planned gifts.

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Learn how to integrate planned giving asks with all other solicitation vehicles. From the tools necessary to market planned gifts, to securing meetings with donors and having the conversation about legacy gifts, this course covers everything you need to know to start making planned giving asks and closing gifts today!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to market planned gifts
  • What you need to know about gifts of securities
  • What you need to know about gifts in the will
  • How to have planned giving conversations
  • How to promote your planned giving expertise for career success.
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