Inclusive Fundraising Practices

Tanya H. Rumble, MFA-P, CFRE

Collaborations with Tanya Rumble, MFA-P, CFRE

We are delighted to partner with Tanya Rumble, MFA-P , CFRE to deliver a series of workshops and coaching sessions on developing inclusive fundraising practices. 

Tanya Hannah Rumble is a racialized settler of multi-ethnic origins living in Tkaronto. She is a fundraising leader who has raised millions for some of Canada’s largest charities including Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, McMaster University and now Ryerson University. As a racialized philanthropy professional Tanya is honoured to share her influence and insights with students, emerging professionals and peers in the sector. Tanya regularly writes articles on the topics of inclusion, equity, and access; and power, privilege and fundraising for industry publications and speaks to professional audiences at learning events regularly.

IDEAL Fundraising Practices Workshop

The IDEAL Fundraising Practices Workshop offers development leaders practical strategies to create diverse and inclusive fundraising practices. The donors of today and tomorrow look a lot different and if programs and staff aren’t inclusive, i.e. well positioned to authentically connect with a more racialized and diverse donor demographic your organization won’t be poised to build those relationships and attract those gifts. Fundraising does not live in a vacuum, isolated from the programmatic mission of your organization. The IDEAL  Fundraising Practices Workshop will help you develop a framework of considerations and tangible changes  so you can position your organization for future fundraising success.

*IDEAL: Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, Allied and Leading

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Coaching Services: Diversifying Your Donor Base

Fundraising leaders  have found themselves at crossroads in 2021: Innovate and change fundraising strategies or see fundraising results dwindle in the wake of COVID-19. Take tangible steps towards advancing diversity or disenfranchise a large portion of the community jeopardizing  not only fundraising results but also societal impact. Our 1:1 coaching sessions will guide you through key changes to consider across the organization and the strategies to implement them.


Free 30 min consultation

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