Staying on top of the job hunting process

Keep a log of jobs you have applied for and the actual application due date. Sometimes, you may not be getting a call in a couple of weeks, because they are still accepting applications.

We all know someone who is trying to lose weight and says something like: I’ve been eating really well and exercising a lot, but the number on the scale won’t move. Upon further examination of their food log it turns out portions may have been underestimated, for example.

Job searching a little bit like trying to lose weight- a long grueling process, with lots of ups and downs, and a big difference between perception and reality. If you think you’ve been applying for a lot of jobs and not hearing back, and you’re on the verge of getting demotivated, consider analyzing your application activities. In order to do that, try to keep track of your job applications and deadlines.

Job Company Date posted Date applied Application deadline Interview Invite Date
Communications Officer United Way Dec 23rd Jan 1st Jan 23rd Feb 2nd


If the application deadline hasn’t passed yet, it’s unlikely you would have gotten a call. If it’s been more than two weeks since the deadline without a call, you can dedicate your energy to other applications.

If there’s an unusually long application window or it says “posted until filled”, it will be to your advantage to apply as soon as possible, as applications are most likely opened on a first come first served basis.

Keep track of interview dates as you get them you might notice a pattern. Large organizations take longer to get back to you.

So before you panic and get demotivated about not getting calls, make sure your expectations are realistic.

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Mariya Yurukova